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What is the Hatsune Miku GT Project?

The Hatsune Miku GT Project is a motorsport project with the concept, “a racing team run by fans”. First launched in 2008 by GOODSMILE RACING, the project has been participating in the SUPER GT GT300 class series, the greatest motorsport race in Japan. Its trademark is a machine with a Hatsune Miku Racing Ver. design. Not only is it wildly popular with an eye-catching vehicle design, it has also won many races including taking the series championship three times in 2011, 2014, and 2017 respectively. It is now one of the most prominent teams in the SUPER GT series and one of the best teams of the race both in name and in reality.

The biggest distinctive feature of the project is that it works on a Personal Sponsor System which enables each fan to directly support the team. Every year, the team races with the support of Personal Sponsors from all over the world. A major factor that attracts many fans is the unique ways of interactions between the team and its fans which are considered one-of-a-kind in the industry. These include having the team members themselves share the race atmosphere to fans online, live streams and broadcasts before the races, and inviting fans to official celebration parties and end-of-year parties.

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What is Racing Miku?

A race version of Hatsune Miku and the exclusive mascot of the Hatsune Miku GT Project since 2010. Although officially named “Hatsune Miku Racing Version”, it is normally known as “Racing Miku”. It is designed by a different illustrator every year and is the symbol of the project.

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What is Hatsune Miku?

Hatsune Miku is a vocaloid software developed by Crypton Future Media, Inc. which allows anyone to make the character sing by inputting written lyrics and melody into the software. Many creators used Hatsune Miku to produce music and subsequently uploaded them online, causing her instant rise to fame. She has also garnered attention as a character and today, holds concerts as a virtual singer besides being active in other arenas and while doing so, is rapidly gaining popularity all over the world.


What is the GOODSMILE RACING Personal Sponsor System?

To allow as many fans as possible to participate and support the team, GOODSMILE RACING uses a Personal Sponsor System which enables any individual to support the team no matter how small their contribution. It started in 2008 and the team receives the support of many Personal Sponsors every year. Apart from manufacturing costs, all costs fall under team operational costs so the fans’ support counts a lot for the team. Registered Personal Sponsors are ranked and displayed in the list of sponsors online and at race venues on race weeks.


How can I become a Personal Sponsor?

There are many different personally-sponsored courses and merchandises, such as the Nendoroid course, figma course, Cho Otoko course, Otokomae course, Otokohuda course, and Otoko course, etc. Once you order something from the GSR site, you will automatically be registered as a Personal Sponsor. You can also register yourself as a Personal Sponsor by purchasing products which come with GSR coupons and entering the serial number into the registration system.


What are GSR coupons?

These are points which can be added to your sponsored amount to the team. When you purchase items which come with GSR coupons, you will receive a serial number. By entering this code into the dedicated page, sponsors who are already registered will receive additional points, whereas first-timers can register as new sponsors when entering the code. According to the number of additional points, you can increase your sponsor ranking from green to gold and even beyond that. Annual rankings will be reset on November 30th which is the last race day of the year.


What is the SUPER GT race in which the Hatsune Miku GT Project participates?

SUPER GT is the top touring car race in Japan for racing cars (GT cars) remodeled from commercial cars (or cars to be released as commercial cars) according to a specific set of rules. GT stands for Grand Touring and refers to cars suitable for high-speed long-distance driving and SUPER GT refers to races with driver changes. Vehicles from three car manufacturers in Japan participate in the top class which is the GT500 whereas the GT300 is another class which attracts both domestic and international car manufacturers. The various GT car championships of both these classes are the top motorsports series in Japan and are extremely popular, gathering about 400,000 spectators annually. GSR participates in the SUPER GT GT300 class which has trademark yellow car number panels.

For more details, please go to the SUPER GT Official Website:

How can I watch the race?

Each circuit has a different ticket sale system. Please check the respective SUPER GT information for each circuit.
(Depending on the timing, some ticket sale information may not be released yet.)

Okayama International Circuit:
Fuji Speedway:
Suzuka Circuit:
Sportsland SUGO:
Twin Ring Motegi:

What do the yellow number panels on Racing Miku merchandises and vehicles mean?

These are car number panels. The GT3000 class in which GSR participates has a yellow number panel (as opposed to white panels for the GT500 class). The team who wins the series championship will get the number “0” the following year. The GSR plate number for 2018 is 0.

My name is not on the paddock panel or the official website.

A week before the race, all Personal Sponsors with confirmed payment will have their names displayed on the panel and the website. Please note that depending on the timing of the payment, some names may not make it to the panel or website. In the event that you meet these requirements but still don’t see your name, please contact

Two week before the race, all Personal Sponsors with confirmed payment will have their Handle Name added to the paddock panel and website. We hope for your understanding. In the event that you meet these requirements but still don’t see your name, please contact (

I would like to change my Handle Name.

Please change your Handle Name by logging on to “My Account” at the Personal Sponsor site. If you experience any difficulty, please contact with your current and preferred Handle Names.

You can change your Handle Name at anytime by logging in to “My Account” at the Personal Sponsor Entry Site. If you experience difficulty, please contact with your current and preferred Handle Name.

I don’t want my Handle Name to be displayed.

Please log on to “My Account” at the Personal Sponsor site and uncheck the “Allow Display of Handle Name” check box and save your settings. If you experience any difficulty, please contact and indicate that you prefer not to display your Handle Name.

Please log on to “My Account” at the Personal Sponsor Entry Site and delete your Handle Name (leave it blank). If you experience difficulty, please contact and say that you wish to remain anonymous.

Can I use the special gift for Personal Sponsors, the “Pin Badge Exchange Ticket”, as an entry ticket to the watch the race?

These are vouchers to exchange for pin badges at the race venue. Entry tickets need to be purchased separately.

How do I use the registered coupon to shop for products?

You cannot use the coupon to purchase products.

I would like to use the GSR logo. Can I request for the file?

Yes, you may use the GSR logo for your personal enjoyment purposes. Please download the file here<(Download).
Please note that the logo may not be used for the following purposes.

・Use of the logo for commercial purposes
・Participating in any sports activities including racing using cars or uniforms with the logo

I would like to wrap my car with a Racing Miku design (same as the GSR vehicle).

The company which provides the car wrapping services for the GSR official entry vehicle is NORAIMO GRAPHICS ( Please inquire with them directly.
Please be aware that vehicles which have undergone wrapping by NORAIMO cannot be used for the following purposes. Thank you for your understanding.

・Use of the car wrapping for commercial purposes
・Any racing activities using the wrapped car

I would like to use the GSR car design. Can I request for the file?

You may use the GSR car design for your personal enjoyment purposes, however, GOODSMILE RACING shall not provide any digital file of GSR car design. Further, GSR may does not grant any official license to use the GSR car design for any activities including but not limited to racing game or e-sports.
Please note that the GSR car design may not be used for the following purposes.

・Use of the GSR car design for commercial purposes


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